• Civil Engineering

    About Us

    Civil Engineering department was started in the year 2014 with an intake of 60. The department has state of art lab facilities in Surveys, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics lab and CAD lab with sophisticated modern equipment.

    The scope of the course is to mould to possess high qualification skills to become enriched chartered civil engineers. The opportunities are in Government & Private sectors.

  • Computer Science Engineering

    About Us

    The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was started in the year 1999 with an initial intake of 60. Later the intake was increased to 90, and now it is 120. The field of Computer Science & Engineering has continuously been growing, and finding importance in all walks of life, from enabling the citizens to access all kinds of services to being an indispensable tool in innovation in all fields.

    The Department, apart from imparting quality education to students, takes utmost care in shaping the career of every student. Towards this end, the Department conducts various events & Programmes that help students in acquiring skills, that ultimately make them successful professionals and citizens. The Department has been consistent in academic achievements by producing rank holders in Anna University.

    The Department actively encourages all its faculty members to attend Faculty Development Programmes that fine tunes their skills and keeps them abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

    The Department is well equipped with state-of-the computing facilities. It has well qualified faculty specialized in areas like Multimedia Communications, Wireless Networking, Programming Languages, and Data Mining etc. The students are trained in atleast one value added course every year.

    Programmes run by the Department are,

    * B.E.Computer Science and Engineering
    * M.E.Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering

    About Us

    The department of mechanical engineering has been in existence since 1997 along with M.E- Manufacturing Engineering in 2013. The departments are affiliated to Anna University, AICTE, New Delhi and ISO certified. The aim of the department is to develop quality Mechanical Engineers tuned to real time working environment and the main objective is our teaching methodology is constructive research and world class infrastructure demonstrate value of engineering excellence by translating intellectual achievements into practical progressive action of benefit to all.

    Departments combines faculty with expertise in various fields and good laboratory facilities for imparting knowledge to the students. This enables students to face the challenging needs of the industries and research institutions.

    Programmes run by the Department are,

    * B.E.Mechanical Engineering
    * M.E.Manufacturing Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

    About Us

    Our department, “ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING” has been started in the academic year 2001 – 2002. Ten batches had passed out with flying colors. Our department is producing consistently very good results in all the semesters. The students are provided with good technical knowledge and are encouraged to do mini projects, paper presentations and to participate in various other events helping them to shine in all fields. The students of our department are coming out with flying colors as University Rank holders under the proper guidance of the well stuffed Staff members. It has well equipped laboratories with all software and individual hands on work to improve practical knowledge. The department library is being equipped with all the necessary books needed for the curriculum.

    Programmes run by the Department are,

    * B.E.Electronics and Communication Engineering
    * M.E.Applied Electronics
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    About Us

    Established in the year 1997, the Department offers B.E. Program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60. It has also laboratory facilities along with modern equipments. The department is well equipped with modern Laboratories like Electrical Machine Lab, Electrical circuits lab, Control Systems Lab, Power electronics Lab, Electrical measurements lab, and Advanced Electrical simulation Lab.

    Advanced Electrical Simulation lab is well equipped with Lab View (Original full Version) Software and with MATLAB (Original Full Version) software.

    Programmes run by the Department are,

    * B.E.Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Information Technology

    About Us

    The departments are provided with individual blocks spanned across the campus. All the laboratories are well-equipped and established with the state-of-the-art technologies. Each department has dedicated and eminent faculty members and efficient supporting staff.

    Information Technology (IT) is an ocean of possibilities. The internet has shrunk geographical distances and brought the world closer. IT is a very exciting discipline in this day and age. Creating, managing and executing information using technology is really the need of the hour in this interconnected world of ours. IT offers a promising career to youngsters.

    The IT department provides state-of-the-art technical education and does exceptional ground work in preparing the students for the challenges of the IT world. The department has excellent laboratories and efficient networking. Our motivated team of professors is constantly updated to keep up with the ever-changing IT scenario. This means, the students walk into the real world armed with the right set of skills.

    Our department have excellent departmental library contain 250 books. The departmental library have all subject books offered by IT department course and latest trends book for the benefit of students and faculties of the department.

  • Science & Humanities

    About Us

    Science & Humanities is a nodal department which contributes its service to the growth of all the departments in the college. Since the inception of the college, in the year 1997, the department of Science & Humanities has been effectively functional. Imparting the knowledge and preparing the students towards achieving academic excellence have been cursory observations of the department.

  • Master of Business Administration

    About Us

    Department of Management Studies aims to educate normal students to leaders of enterprise. We believe these leaders contribute to make a difference to their organizations and wherever they present.

    In our endeavor, we draw upon reserves of goodwill among the Diaspora of our alumni, reputation among recruiters and potential students, and commitment of our faculty to the College.

    The future holds tremendous promise for the College. We look forward to being recognized as one of the most reputed college by connecting proactively with the global practice and policy, academic work nationally and internationally with our alumni and with the local Industries.

    We nurture a high performance work environment by emphasizing and supporting a climate of autonomy and work. We would like to grow our capacity in thoughtful and strategic manner and ensuring that we maintain and upgrade the quality of our people and experience….

    The faculty coupled with the very highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as philosophers, guides, facilitators, researchers and theoreticians. The rich diversity of their backgrounds installs in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence.

    PALLAVAN Management faculty members are active and regular participants in national and international conferences and symposia. They contribute to journals of repute and make the budding executives to unleash their best…..

    The Department conducts a series of activities to equip and nurture the students to get corporate ready….

  • Master of Computer Application

    About Us

    Department of Computer Applications was started in year 2007 with an Intake of 60. From the inception, this department has produced 9 university rank holders.

    This programme is inclined more towards applications development and has more emphasis on latest programming language and tools to develop better and faster applications. Students are trained in the field of System Designing, Application software development, Enterprise resource planning, Web designing and development and Database administration.

Our PCE College is affiliated to Anna University and is also approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi.

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