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The departments are provided with individual blocks spanned across the campus. All the laboratories are well-equipped and established with the state-of-the-art technologies. Each department has dedicated and eminent faculty members and efficient supporting staff.

Information Technology (IT) is an ocean of possibilities. The internet has shrunk geographical distances and brought the world closer. IT is a very exciting discipline in this day and age. Creating, managing and executing information using technology is really the need of the hour in this interconnected world of ours. IT offers a promising career to youngsters.

The IT department provides state-of-the-art technical education and does exceptional ground work in preparing the students for the challenges of the IT world. The department has excellent laboratories and efficient networking. Our motivated team of professors is constantly updated to keep up with the ever-changing IT scenario. This means, the students walk into the real world armed with the right set of skills.

Our department have excellent departmental library contain 250 books. The departmental library have all subject books offered by IT department course and latest trends book for the benefit of students and faculties of the department.


To provide high quality education to become quality professional and entrepreneur also to involve in innovative research to offer their knowledge to the professional services to the society and the stakeholders. This includes preparing students to be leaders in their field of education, creating disseminating knowledge by means of scholarly and creative achievements and establishing partnership with concerned industries and institutions.


To emerge the excellence of rural students in their professional endeavor to complete the mixture of challenges in global environment and an upcoming entrepreneur to form an industrial hub”


B.Tech(IT) course was introduced in the year 2001 and the first batch of students were graduated in April,2005. Till now 9 batches of 289 students have been graduated. Many of the alumni of IT Department were employed and got placed in prominent Software companies. Some of the alumni were pursuing higher studies in abroad.

IT department mission is developing young students to excel in and get proficiency in latest trends in Information and communication Technology.

IT department functions with well qualified and experienced faculty and students are encouraged to participate in seminars ,symposiums and extra curicular activities like paper presentation,In Plant training,and cultural activities in-house as well as in other institutions.

Activities will be available soon.

Student achievement

  • Our department Women team won the First place in inter college sports meet in Jan 2014.
  • Our department student conducted technical exhibition for 12th students.
  • Our students organized national level technical symposium in Feb 2014.
  • Our students won first prize in paper presentation in other intuition.


1. R.JOTHI 90 % 2nd
2. E.VAISHALI 89% 8th
3. B.VIJAYA THARANI 88% 24th

Mentor’s List


  • K.Dharani - GPA(8.60)
  • M.Indhumathy - GPA(8.50)
  • V.Illakiya - GPA(8.50)


  • B.T.Prithisri - GPA(9.04)
  • B.Sivaranjani - GPA(8.07)
  • R.Rajapriya - GPA(8.45)


  • N.Indhumathi - GPA(8.68)
  • N.Parthiban - GPA(8.08)
  • V.Harithapriya - GPA(7.90)

Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

The aim of this Lab is for making students to understand important Data Structures and Algorithms concepts and also to implement applications like, stack,queue,linked list,Searching method,trees,and graph structures and also to understand various algorithm design and analysis techniques.

Object Oriented Programming Lab

The aim of this Lab is to present the concept of object oriented programming and discuss the important elements of C++

System Software Lab

The aim of this Lab is for making students to understand the relationship between system software and machine architecture and also to know the design and implementation of assemblers and to know the design and implementation of linkers and loaders and to have an understanding of macro processors and to have an understanding of system software tools.

Java Programming Lab

The aim of this Lab is for students to understand the concepts of object-oriented, event driven, and concurrent programming paradigms and develop skills in using these paradigms using Java.

Software Components Lab

Introduces in depth JAVA, Corba and .Net Components Deals with Fundamental properties of components, technology and architecture and middleware. Component Frameworks and Development are covered indepth.

Graphics and Multimedia Lab

The aim of this Lab is for making students to study the graphics techniques and algorithms and to study the multimedia concepts and various I/O technologies to enable the students to develop their creativity.

Database Management Systems Lab

The aim of this Lab is for making students to learn the various aspects of operating systems such as process management, memory management, and I/O management.

Operating System Lab

The aim of this Lab is to provide a strong foundation in database technology like Front end and back end concepts. To implement applications related back end like, Sql,PL/Sql,Trigger and Front end application like Form,Menus and Reports. Finally To implement min project using Front end and back end concept.and an introduction to the current trends in this field.

Web Technology Lab

The aim of this Lab is for making students to highlight the features of different technologies involved in Web Technology and various Scripting Languages.

Object Oriented Analysis and Design lab

The aim of this Lab is for making students to learn basic OO analysis and design skills through an elaborate case study and to use the UML design diagrams and to apply the appropriate design patterns

Network Lab

The aim of this Lab is for making students to enable the students to develop the necessary skills for developing robust & scalable network applications and to build necessary basic knowledge for managing networks.

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