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About Us

Science & Humanities is a nodal department which contributes its service to the growth of all the departments in the college.  Since the inception of the college, in the year 1997, the department of Science & Humanities has been effectively functional.  Imparting the knowledge and preparing the students towards achieving academic excellence have been cursory observations of the department.

The Erudite Professors

The Science & Humanities department has been kept in a high pedestal with scholarly professors who are highly qualified on an average of 10 years of teaching experience.  The subject veterans with their eruditions and exceptional talent in teaching, teach the subject in an innovative manner.  The propellant nature of our faculties’ powerful teaching has proved its excellence and has steadily reached its pinnacle of constant success history of producing 90% of results in the University examinations.

Counseling System

The department has a team of expert counselors who govern and guide the students with their experience skill in psychological reading. Each counselor takes initiative in taking personal care of their allotted 20 students’ psyche with an understanding of their sociological background and their pitfalls in subjects and behavior to train and mould them to grow as a learned, responsible human and good citizen of the country.

Class Advisors System

To build the department academically vibrant and supportive to the students community the class advisor system is maintained. The advisors keep up their keen, constant and continuous observation on their students to ensure that the students concentration never gets distracted.

Class Committee Meeting

The class committee meeting is organized every fortnight to discuss the progress of the students and the needs to be supported in the future. Each class committee consists of teachers of the class concern, students representative from both boys and girls and a chairperson who is not teaching the class with overall goal of improving the teaching– learning process without letting any grievances to crop up in the future.

Parent–Professor Meeting

Parent–Professor Meeting is conducted twice in a semester to make the parents to have thorough knowledge of their wards allowing the professors to know their students status at their home mutually. The progress status of the students is also sent to the parents periodically.

Additional Coaching Class

To trigger the learner enthusiasm and nurture interest and passion in the study and practice of English language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, the management and the professors invest their precious time profusely in slow learners to get them equipped to the level of other learners of the class.

Class Topper Awards

The highest scorers of the classes are honored with class topper award as part of encouragement to the students. Apart from the toppers of the class, even the 100% attendance owning students are also being awarded.

Every month a fine art event is organized to divulge the hidden talent of the students to get rid of from the monotony of their learning

Activities Carried Out in 2013-2014

Dr.Purush Damodharan, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in Northern Illynois University held an information session to study aborad. It was to attract the other engineering college students in and around Kanchipuram as well.

A heart throbbing guiding session to choose the higher studies was conducted with thronged august gathering of 12th students and parents and the stewardship of the resource person Dr.S.Selvam, Former Director, Anna University, Chennai on 04th May 2014 as part of college’s social commitment.

“Talent Test 2013” programme was organized for a week under the guidance of pioneers of a 12th standard subjects to extend our help to the 12th standard students to give them better feel of taking up the examination with great confidence, invited more than 20 Higher Secondary School participants.

Vigyan Vidyarthi Bhavan which has National Level Top Scientists as committee members conducted a selection programme in association with Pallavan Engineering College to choose young prodigy from Tamilnadu to make them participate in the National Level selection for the award of Young Scientist of the Country.

As a special benefit to the students the bridge course is conducted to prepare them to be adaptable for their regular classes bridging the gap between the level of 12th standard and the engineering. It is conducted before the commencement of the regular academic classes giving preference to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English.

The Parent-Professor Meetings are conducted and the parents valuable suggestions are also taken for the consideration.

To tune the mind of the students with holistic approach, Yoga programmes for all the first year students in association with “Manavalakkalai Mandram” and lecture on ‘How to Protect the Environment’ by “Brahmmakumarigal” are conducted.

Sports is also an another avenue opened up for the first years’ zeal to prove their caliber whether first year won the Chess Championship. The winners are M.Keerthana and M.Sangeetha.

Students are encouraged to participate in several competitions conducted by the department to project the potentiality. The conducted competitions and winners are

Fine Arts - V.Lavanya, M.Sangeetha, J.Hemavathi,

Quiz - Venkatesan

Elocution - C.Pushpadevi, V.Senthilkumar

Essay Writing - G.Lakshmi, G.Sowmiya

Every month a fine art event is organized to divulge the hidden talent of the students to get rid of from the monotony of their learning

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The communication Laboratory in a 2400 sq. ft. equipped with computers with the installation of advanced software and network connection. Making the students to emerge confident and successful professionals capable of excellent enunciation and communicative competence in inter personal and operational work situation has been main motive of the faculties.

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